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The importance of coffee breaks

Everyone is familiar with the impeccable and simply amazing powers of a good cup of coffee, but how can one use its full power without getting addicted to it. Well the way the old masters used is to simply make a regiment for yourself, you can drink it on certain days and on others you can do tea or choose another alternative. That way your body won't get used to it too much and you will be still be able to work without it and use it only as a good way to boost your concentration.


Why is coffee during breaks important?

We do take breaks, because there is a reason why human beings cannot work in full shifts for longer than an hour. Most classes last for only 45 minutes and that is the optimal time when your body can keep a good level of concentration without being overly exhausted. However, you can make the breaks even more useful, with adding something that will improve your concentration and give you the extra needed attention span for the following three quarters of an hour.


Coffee is simply the best choice for that, it gives your nerves a quick and powerful stimulant and makes them work better and faster than they usually would. Although it is very good for you body, in that way, it has also some cons that you shouldn't just put on the side, but rather take care of them. The best amount of coffee for a 15 minute break is half a regular cup or 0.5 deciliter which is the normal small coffee cup that you won't find in many places any longer. Caffeine is the key ingredient that holds most of the power and you should make sure you don't get decaf coffees, because those don't do the work. Make sure to be rational and don't go over the board with you coffee consumption and look for companies like The Global Bean Coffee Company. They make good quality products and will tell you the best way to use them, so you get most out of them while spending the least.

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